Feeding America: Network Communications Analysis

Feeding America sought to answer a number of questions around audience saturation and the value of our standing newsletters to a nationwide network of more than 200 food banks and state associations. We asked Rachel to help us understand our audience reach and readership data and to parse through the results of our network newsletter survey. 

Rachel’s data analysis skills and sharp analytical eye steered us away from incorrect assumptions we had about our audience and instead helped us double down on areas of improvement where our time would be best spent. We are in the process of implementing several of her recommendations, to include improving our organization-wide network communications planning and our guidance to content contributors. We also just launched a refreshed version of our flagship newsletter to the network that integrates her suggestions on improving look, feel and content organization that will make our messaging easier for busy food bankers to digest while better engaging them visually. 

Rachel was a great partner, knowledgeable of our mission and willing to check back in with us as we moved through the process of building and implementing our action plan. We would happily work with her again to think through issues where data and process improvement collide!”

Jamie Crews
Network Communication Manager, Feeding America